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Ms. Doherty (K-115)
Teachers: Ms. Doherty
Ms. Zeitoune (K-115)
Teacher: Ms. Zeitoune
Ms. Edwards (K-115)*
Teacher Assistant: Ms. Edwards
Mr. Long (K-115)*
Teacher Assistant: Mr. Long
Ms. Campos (K-117)
Teacher: Ms. Campos
Ms. Gonzales (K-117)
Teacher: Ms. Gonzales
Ms. Fox (K-119)
Teacher: Ms. Fox
Ms. Work (K-117)
Teacher: Ms. Work
Ms. Saadeddin (K-119)
Teacher: Ms. Saadeddin
Ms. Mikhail (K-119)*
Teacher Assistant: Ms. Mikhail
Ms. Rosado (K-119)*
Teacher's Assistant: Ms. Rosado
Ms. Donaldson (K-128)
Teacher: Ms. Donaldson
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* Teacher's Assistant or paraprofessional

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