A - Use Alternate modes of transportation

B - Use reusable Bags: say no to plastic

C - Give Compost a try

D - Eat a Diet full of fruits and vegetables

E - Save Energy/Use clean Energy

F – Try buying produce from local Farms

G – Go paperless: have your bills emailed

H – Have coffee/water in reusable bottles

I – Include a vegetarian day in your week

J – No Junk food, packaged foods create waste

K – Knowledge: research green companies

L – Low flow shower-heads can save water

M – Minimalism: only buy what you need

N – New life: donate old items

O – Opt out of taking long showers

P – Print only what you need to save Paper

Q – Food Quality is important, go organic!

R – Recycle metals, plastics and paper

S – Save water: turn tap off when not in use

T – Turn off lights when you leave the room

U – Use rechargeable batteries

V – Vegetarian diets are better for the earth

W – Do not Waste food

X – Xeriscaping: garden with native species

Y – Yearn to connect with earth and save her

Z – Try to live a Zero waste life

Know Your ABCs of Taking Climate Action

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